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Cristela's E-Portfolio (redirected from FrontPage)

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Welcome to Cristela Wise's electronic portfolio





I am so excited about being a student again! I am a graduate student in the Master's in Educational Technology program at the University of Texas-Brownsville. I have been a business education teacher in various schools in the Harlingen area since 1980. I look forward to a new chapter in my life as I begin my 31st year as an educator and graduate student. We, at Lt. George Gutierrez, Jr. Middle School in Harlingen, opened our doors to students in 1997. I have really enjoyed teaching 8th grade computer literacy/career awareness using the World of Work model. I have taught approximately 240 students each year during my 15 years at GMS. Needless to say, I encounter former students almost daily as I go about my business. I enjoy hearing about the successes of my former students.


I was a teacher at Texas State Technical College in 1982 when I migrated to an IBM dedicated word processor from an electric typewriter (I still own a couple of the 8 inch floppy disks). I'm not your typical graduate student, but God has blessed me with dedication and determination qualities. My goal is to graduate in 2013 with a Master's degree.


Although I will retire in 2012, I plan to continue guiding students to harness their technology skills for use in their future.


Thank you for visiting my E-portfolio.  Feel free to contact me at:


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